Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line

Why Carnival ? 'Cause we're just as fun as you, of course! Look, we know it can be tough being the "fun one." So why not let us handle the hard work? Each of our ships feature a heapin' helping of great stuff to do for every group, couple, and family. And the people! Our folks are dedicated to making sure you have as much fun as humanly possible - every minute you're on board. Whether you're looking to relax, share a laugh, or just slide down the waterslide all day, you can't help but have a blast here.

Best of all, we're a great value. Hey, times are tight, so we're always making sure you're getting big time vacation fun for your buck. So why not celebrate on Carnival?

No matter your age or what your idea of a good time is, there’s always something entertaining for you to do on board our ships. Looking to just relax and unwind? There’s no better place to take it easy. Want to add a little excitement to your life? There’s plenty of high-energy fun to be had aboard our fleet of floating resorts. Bringing the children? Carnival’s Youth Experience makes sure there's something fun for everyone.



It is customary to extend gratuities (tips) to the shipboard staff for their services. How much to tip is a personal matter and completely up to our guests.

Our recommended guideline to what is appropriate is $12.95 USD per person, per day for guests in standard stateroom accommodations and $13.95 USD per person, per day for guests booked in suites. The majority of the tipping amount goes to employees such as stateroom stewards, assistant stewards, dining room waiters and assistant waiters. A small portion goes to a mix of other personnel who are in guest-facing customer service positions within areas such as culinary and hotel services, along with certain key positions in entertainment and guest services.

Here is the breakdown, per day:
Housekeeping Team: $4.05 ($5.05 for suites)
Dining Team: $6.40
Alternative Services: $2.50

For your information, tipping applies regardless of the dining options selected, such as eating at the casual dining restaurant or open seating dining.

For beverage purchases, an automatic15% gratuity will be added to the bill and the charges will be applied directly to the guest's Sail & Sign account.. An automatic 15% gratuity will be added to the cover charge of the Chef’s Table and the charges will be applied directly to the guest’s Sail & Sign account. Room Service staff may be tipped as service is rendered.

Carnival Youth Program

Carnival’s youth experience provides activities and entertainment for all kids 17 years and younger. It is broken down into specific age groups which work as follows:

Camp Carnival is currently on the following ships: Carnival Elation, Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Fascination, Carnival Paradise, Carnival Pride, Carnival Sensation, Carnival Splendor, Carnival Sunshine and Carnival Victory.

2 - 5 years old
6 - 8 years old
9 -11 years old

Camp Ocean is currently on the following ships: Carnival Breeze, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Dream, Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory, Carnival Imagination, Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Legend, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Magic, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Spirit, Carnival Triumph, Carnival Valor and Carnival Vista.

2 - 5 years old
6 - 8 years old
9 -11 years old

Circle “C”

12 - 14 years old

Club 02

15 - 17 years old
Our Youth Programs are year-round, fleet wide programs that provide daily fun filled and age appropriate activities for children and teenagers between the ages of 2 and 17 years old. In addition, there is supervised ‘free play’ and Night Owls services for those children 11 years and under. Camp Carnival and Camp Ocean are not a ‘Day-Care’. Our Youth Programs have been designed so that families are able to enjoy quality family time together, and yet also have the option of being with peers of their own age.

Age Policy
Carnival’s policy is to group children together according to their age. Our Youth Program age policies are in place so that we can provide participants with age appropriate activities and so they can mingle with other minors of similar age. The age is determined according to the child’s birth date which is provided from documentation received at embarkation.

A child cannot be moved to another age group as it is a strict policy set by Carnival and cannot be deviated from, regardless of the situation, such as moving into a camp of different age range so the child can be with a family member. There are many times that the different age groups are together so that those families with children in separate groups can be accommodated.

Carnival reserves the right to change the groups' age limits and to deny admission to a child for unruly behavior and/or the child's or guardian's violation of a Carnival or Youth Programs policy. Children under 2 years are not allowed to participate in the regular Camp Carnival and Camp Ocean programs. There are no exceptions to this rule.

As legal adults, 18 year olds are not permitted to participate in or use the Club O2 facilities or any other Youth Program facilities. This rule applies to all 18 year olds regardless of situation.

Youth Programs Orientation
The Youth Programs Orientation is held by the Youth Director to give the parents as well as the children/teens a chance to become familiar with the activity based program, policies and procedures. The parents and children/teens also get the opportunity to meet the Youth Staff and Teen Directors in their child’s age group as well as meet perspective friends. The Orientation takes place the first night of the cruise. Time and place is listed in the Carnival Fun Times - ships may vary due to itineraries.